West Darfur

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West Darfur State

ولاية غرب دارفور

Gharb Darfor
Official seal of West Darfur State
Location in Sudan.
Location in Sudan.
Coordinates: 12°53′N 22°58′E / 12.883°N 22.967°E / 12.883; 22.967Coordinates: 12°53′N 22°58′E / 12.883°N 22.967°E / 12.883; 22.967
Country Sudan
 • GovernorKhalil Abdalla Mohamed[1]
 • Total79,460 km2 (30,680 sq mi)
 (2006 (est.))
 • Total1,006,801
Time zoneUTC+2 (CAT)
HDI (2017)0.439[2]

West Darfur State (Arabic: ولاية غرب دارفور‎ Wilāyat Ḡarb Dārfūr) is one of the states of Sudan, and one of five comprising the Darfur region. Prior to the creation of two new states in January 2012, it had an area of 79,460 km² and an estimated population of approximately 1,007,000 (2006). It borders North and Central Darfur to the east. The Chadian prefectures of Biltine and Ouaddaï lie to the west, while to the north is the prefecture of Bourkou-Ennedi-Tibesti. Al-Junaynah is the capital of the state. West Darfur has been the site of much of the ongoing Darfur conflict.


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