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Highway 412 shield

Highway 412
West Durham Link
Planned routing of Highway 407E, Highway 412 and Highway 418 (all in red); Highway 412 is the western connector to Highway 401
Route information
Length: 10 km[1] (10 mi)
History: Proposed 1990s
Planned completion 2015
Major junctions
South end:  Highway 401 in Whitby
   Highway 7
North end:  Highway 407 in Whitby
Highway system
Highway 410 Highway 416

King's Highway 412, or simply Highway 412, is a future tolled controlled-access highway in the Canadian province of Ontario currently under construction[2] with an expected completed date of late 2015.[3] It will extend for approximately 10 km (6.2 mi),[2] connecting Highway 401 with the eastern extension of Highway 407. The route will be entirely within Whitby in the Regional Municipality of Durham, running within a kilometre of Whitby's western border at Durham Regional Road 23 (Lake Ridge Road).

During planning, the route was known as the West Durham Link. Its designation as Highway 412, the first new 400-series designation in several decades, was confirmed along with Highway 418 on February 6, 2015.[4]

Route description[edit]

Highway 7 passing westerly beneath the future Highway 412 Toll overpass, in June 2015

Highway 412 will be a 10-kilometre (6.2 mi) four lane highway extending from Highway 401 to Highway 407E, just north of Highway 7. The entire length of the route will lie between Lakeridge Road and Coronation Road, within Whitby. At the southern end, the route will feature a three-level stack interchange with a realigned Highway 401, from which it will proceed north. It will cross Dundas Street (former Highway 2), where a partial interchange will provide northbound access and a southbound exit.

North of Dundas Street, the route will swerve westward onto the alignment of Halls Road and cross Rossland Road. It will proceed north to an interchange with Taunton Road before diverging east from the Halls Road alignment and travelling parallel between it and Coronation Road. The route will cross Highway 7 (Winchester Street), where a partial interchange will provide southbound access and a northbound exit. Immediately north of Highway 7, the route will end at a three-level stack interchange with Highway 407E.


Highway 412 is one of two highways that will connect the future east extension of Highway 407 with Highway 401; Highway 418, to be located to the east in Clarington, is the second.

The West Durham Link, as it was then known, was first presented to Whitby Council on February 10, 1992. It quickly drew the ire of local residents fearful of noise levels and the environmental effects on Lynde Creek.[5] However, the recession of the mid-1990s resulted in Highway 407 being truncated in Markham temporarily. Slightly revised plans for the links appeared on the June 2007 Technically Recommended Route Report, which was submitted as part of the environmental assessment (EA) for the extension, but had been announced earlier that year on March 7 by the Government of Canada, as part of an investment in Greater Toronto Area infrastructure.[6]

The EA report was released on August 17, 2009, including detailed plans for the configuration of the interchanges along the new highway. The route will run parallel to and east of Lake Ridge Road, partially overlapping the current route of Halls Road and partially along a new alignment one lot to the east. Both Halls Road and Coronation Road will be re-aligned to accommodate the new highway. It will be six lanes throughout its length, with a concrete Ontario Tall Wall as a median.[1] Highway 412 will cut into Lynde Creek, a small waterway that flows out to Lake Ontario.

Construction is underway as of late 2013. It is expected to be completed by late 2015.[7] On February 6, 2015, it was announced by the MTO that the West Durham Link would be designated Highway 412.[4] Whitby Town Council has recommended to the province the route be named after Jim Flaherty.[8]

Exit list[edit]

The following are the proposed exits in the 407 East Environmental Assessment Report.[1]

Location km Destinations Notes
Whitby 0  Highway 401 east of Lakeridge Road Interchange with Northbound entrance and southbound exit
1 Dundas Street West east of Lakeridge Road Formerly Highway 2; partial interchange with northbound entrance and southbound exit
3 Rossland Road West east of Lakeridge Road Planned interchange construction deferred to later date
5  Regional Road 4 (Taunton Road) east of Lakeridge Road Planned interchange
9  Highway 7 (Winchester Road) West east of Lakeridge Road Partial interchange with Northbound exit and southbound entrance
10  Highway 407 Interchange with Northbound exit and southbound entrance


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