West End, San Antonio, Ibiza

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A view up the hill of the San Antonio West End

An area made up of a few streets and one long bar strip in the popular tourist destination of San Antonio, Ibiza is referred to as "The West End". This area is based around Carrer Santa Agnès.

Bars generally play more commercial house music than the rest of the Island however some bars, such as Viva, operate an open decks policy. Outside, the streets are littered with chairs and tables where holidaymakers can sit and enjoy a drink.

Popular bars include Viva, Revolutions, Dub Diamond, Koppas, Soul City, Acanthus, Funky Flares, Al Capone, The Sin and Tropicanas. The West End's bars are open 7 days a week from May through to the end of September, with a limited number of bars open throughout the week in April and October. During the off season of November - March only a handful of the bars aimed at the locals and winter workers open at the weekends

The area is even referred to in Spanish as "el West".

Coordinates: 38°58′51″N 1°18′2″E / 38.98083°N 1.30056°E / 38.98083; 1.30056