West Farnam neighborhood

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West Farnam neighborhood
Blackstone neighborhood

The West Farnam neighborhood or the Blackstone neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska is located from Dodge Street on the north to Leavenworth Street on the south, Highway 75/Interstate 480 on the east to South 52nd Street on the west. In 1997, the Gold Coast Historic District was formed from the West Farnam neighborhood and the Park Place neighborhood, known today as Cathedral.[1] Named for its principal thoroughfare, West Farnam was a prime real estate area in the first quarter of the 20th century.[2] It is home to several historical landmarks, including houses, churches, and former hotels.[3]

Historic properties[edit]

Historic properties in the West Farnam neighborhood
Name Address Built Notes
Blackstone Hotel 302 South 36th Street 1915 Late 19th And 20th Century Revivals, Second Renaissance Revival
Gottlieb Storz House 3708 Farnam Street 1905 Tudor Revival
Brandeis-Millard House 500 South 38th Street 1904 Tudor Revival

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Coordinates: 41°15′22″N 95°58′08″W / 41.25611°N 95.96889°W / 41.25611; -95.96889 (West Farnam)