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West Indies Salad is a variation of crab meat ceviche that originated in the Mobile, Alabama area and is still a regional seafood delicacy enjoyed today.[1][2] West Indies Salad has been claimed as being created by the restaurateur Bill Bayley,[1] the owner of Bayley's Restaurant south of Mobile on Dauphin Island Parkway, in 1947.[3] There are variations of the recipe,[4] but the ingredients should always include lump blue crab meat, diced sweet white onions, cider vinegar,[5] salt, pepper, and vegetable oil (traditionally Wesson oil). There are recipes in the cookbook of the Junior League of Mobile (first published in the 1964 version of this cookbook) and the recently in the Times Picayune of New Orleans.[6] The dish is offered in many restaurants in the Mobile Bay area.[1]

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