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The West Island Way is a waymarked long distance footpath on the Isle of Bute. It is the first such route on a Scottish island.


It is a fairly easy walk of approximately 30 miles (48 km), passing through seashore, moorland, farmland and forest. The route opened in 2000 as part of Bute's millennium celebrates.[1]

The route begins at Kilchattan Bay in the south of the island, and finishes at Port Bannatyne in the north, with Rothesay, the main town on Bute, as a central point. The hike can be completed over two fairly lengthy walking days.[1] The official map and guide of the route is available from the Bute Discovery Centre.


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Coordinates: 55°50′N 5°5′W / 55.833°N 5.083°W / 55.833; -5.083