West Kazakhstan Region

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West Kazakhstan Region

Батыс Қазақстан облысы
Западно-Казахстанская область
Steppe of western Kazakhstan in the early spring.jpg
Coat of arms of West Kazakhstan Region
Coat of arms
Map of Kazakhstan, location of West Kazakhstan Region highlighted
Map of Kazakhstan, location of West Kazakhstan Region highlighted
Coordinates: 51°14′N 51°22′E / 51.233°N 51.367°E / 51.233; 51.367Coordinates: 51°14′N 51°22′E / 51.233°N 51.367°E / 51.233; 51.367
Country Kazakhstan
 • AkimGali Iskaliev
 • Total151,339 km2 (58,432 sq mi)
 • Total618,261
 • Density4.1/km2 (11/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+5 (West)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+5 (not observed)
Postal codes
Area codes+7 (711)
ISO 3166 codeKZ-ZAP
Vehicle registration07, L

West Kazakhstan Region (Kazakh: Батыс Қазақстан облысы, romanized: Batys Qazaqstan oblysy; Russian: Западно-Казахстанская область, romanizedZapadno-Kazakhstanskaya oblast) is a region of Kazakhstan. Its administrative centre is Oral (also known as Uralsk and Ural'sk), a city of about 200,000 inhabitants.


The region borders Russia and is near the Ural Mountains. The Ural River is the border between Asia and Europe and flows from Russia to the Caspian Sea through the region, meaning western West Kazakhstan is in Eastern Europe. West Kazakhstan region borders Aktobe Region to the east and Atyrau Region to the south, in addition to the following Russian Oblasts: Astrakhan Oblast to the south-west, Volgograd Oblast to the west, Saratov Oblast to the north-west, Samara Oblast to the north and Orenburg Oblast to the north-east.

It is traversed by the northeasterly line of equal latitude and longitude.


West Kazakhstan has an ethnic Kazakh population of 69.8% and a significant Russian minority of 27.4% of the population. The number of Ukrainians, Poles and Germans are very low due to the geography.

Administrative divisions[edit]

The region is divided into twelve districts and the city of Oral.[3]

Name Population Area (km²) Population dens. Capital Continent
Akzhaik 45,500 25,200 1,8 Chapaev both
Bokey Orda 18,400 19,200 1,0 Saykyn Europe
Borili 55,100 5,600 9,8 Aksay Asia
Kaztal 39,200 18,600 2,1 Kaztal Europe
Karatobe 19,700 10,000 2,0 Karatobe Asia
Zhanakala 23,700 20,800 1,1 Zhanakala Europe
Zhanybek 18,400 8,200 2,2 Zhanybek Europe
Shyngyrlau 19,400 7,200 2,7 Shyngyrlau Asia
Zelenov 53,700 7,400 7,3 Peremyotnoye Europe
Syrym 26,500 11,900 2,2 Zhympity Asia
Taskala 19,100 8,100 2,4 Taskala Europe
Terekti 43,200 8,400 5,1 Fyodorovka both

Two localities in the region have town status. These are Oral and Aksay.[3]


The capital Oral is home to Kazakhstan's only professional bandy club, Akzhaiyk. In 2016 the national championship was won by the regional team [4] and in the variety rink bandy, a national title was obtained in 2014.[5]


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