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West Kowloon Highway, near Olympic Station

West Kowloon Highway (Chinese: 西九龍公路; pinyin: Xī Jiǔlóng Gōnglù; Cantonese Yale: sai1 gau2 lung4 gung1 lou6) is a section of Route 3 in Hong Kong, built as part of the Airport Core Programme. This dual-3 lane highway runs for 4.2 km, connecting Western Harbour Crossing in the south with Tsing Kwai Highway in the north. While the southern section of the road is at grade, the northern part is on a viaduct in order to accommodate the MTR Tung Chung Line and the Airport Express. The road was opened on 19 February 1997.

It is not to be confused with the older West Kowloon Corridor (currently part of Route 5), which is partly parallel to the West Kowloon Highway.

This expressway originally had a speed limit of 80 km/h, but it was increased to 100 km/h because of the smooth shape of the road.

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Preceded by
Western Harbour Crossing
Hong Kong Route 3
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West Kowloon Highway
Succeeded by
Tsing Kwai Highway

Coordinates: 22°19′37″N 114°09′08″E / 22.32700°N 114.15233°E / 22.32700; 114.15233