West Moberly First Nations

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Three generations of Dunne-za (Beaver) women at Moberly Lake (British Columbia) circa 1899

The West Moberly First Nations is a First Nation located in the Peace River Country in northern British Columbia. They are part of the Dunne-za people and language group. The West Moberly people used to be part of the Hudson Hope Indian Band, but in 1971 the band split becoming the Halfway River First Nation and West Moberly First Nations.

West Moberly is affiliated with the Treaty 8 Tribal Association, which is registered under the B.C. Societies Act.

Chief and Councillors[edit]

West Moberly First Nations Chief and Council consists of a generally elected Chief and four family Councillors that are elected and/or appointed by the members of the specific family. They are elected according to the preference of each of the main families.

Treaty Process[edit]

The West Moberly First Nation is a signatory of the Treaty 8 but are now in discussions outside the BC Treaty Process.[1]



Number of Band Members: 207[2]

Economic Development[edit]

Social, Educational and Cultural Programs and Facilities[edit]

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