West Montrose Covered Bridge

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West Montrose Covered Bridge
West Montrose Covered Bridge, West Montrose, ON.jpg
Coordinates 43°35′08″N 80°28′53″W / 43.5855°N 80.4814°W / 43.5855; -80.4814Coordinates: 43°35′08″N 80°28′53″W / 43.5855°N 80.4814°W / 43.5855; -80.4814
Carries vehicles
Crosses Grand River
Locale West Montrose, Ontario
Maintained by 1999
Design covered bridge
Material concrete (piers)
wood (truss)
Total length 198 feet (60 m)
Width 17 ft
No. of spans 1
Construction begin 1880
Construction end 1880-1881
Construction cost $3,197.50 (1880)[1]
Inaugurated 1881
Opened 1881
Westmontrose Bridge at dawn over the Grand River

West Montrose Covered Bridge, also known as the "Kissing Bridge", is a covered bridge in West Montrose, Ontario, within Waterloo Region and the last type of this style of bridge in Ontario. Built in 1880–1881 by John Bear, the bridge is still used by pedestrians, buggy traffic and vehicles weighing less than three tonnes over the Grand River.[2]

The bridge was made of wood, but modifications added concrete and steel parts to strengthen the aging structure.[3]

It is the last wooden covered bridge in Ontario. Four others have been destroyed over the years.