West Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska

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West Omaha is a geographic area of Omaha, Nebraska that comprises all points within the Omaha metropolitan area west of 72nd Street.


West Omaha is home to several communities, including the historical Boys Town. Ralston, a city in south-central Douglas County surrounded by Omaha on three sides and roughly bounded by 72nd to the east, 84th to the west, L on the north, and Harrison on the south. Elkhorn, on the outskirts of western Omaha and annexed in 2007; Millard, a broad area of southwest Omaha and annexed in 1971. Chalco, an unincorporated area southwest of Omaha in northern Sarpy County, is also widely regarded as a part of west Omaha.

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Coordinates: 41°15′47″N 96°05′28″W / 41.26306°N 96.09111°W / 41.26306; -96.09111 (West Omaha)