West Place of Arms

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West Place of Arms
Part of Fortifications of Gibraltar
Corral Road in Gibraltar
West Place of Arms.jpg
Sign on the Glacis Road side of West Place of Arms
West Place of Arms is located in Gibraltar
West Place of Arms
West Place of Arms
Location within Gibraltar
Coordinates 36°08′47″N 5°21′11″W / 36.146283°N 5.353014°W / 36.146283; -5.353014Coordinates: 36°08′47″N 5°21′11″W / 36.146283°N 5.353014°W / 36.146283; -5.353014
Type Coastal artillery battery
Site information
Owner Government of Gibraltar
Open to
the public
Condition Overgrown
Site history
Built by UK Ministry of Defence

The West Place of Arms is a place-of-arms in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar that was originally used as a troop assembly point. It is located in the gap between the North Bastion and its Counterguard, a structure built in 1804.

The Counterguard provided defensive cover for the West Place of Arms, which was also fortified by a ditch into which a large caponier projected. In 1834 the Counterguard was recorded as being armed with thirteen 24-pdrs and two 9-pdrs. They were replaced by ten 32-pdrs and two 8-inch howitzers between 1859–63. By 1885 there were three 32-pdr smoothbore guns, two 8-inch howitzers and four 64-pdr rifled muzzle loaders (RMLs). The other guns were gradually replaced by RMLs in the final years of the 19th century.[1]


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