West Point, Hong Kong

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Not to be confused with Sai Wan.
West Point, Hong Kong

West Point (西點,或稱西角) was a point of land on Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong. Its location is the shore off the Pokfulam Road and Queen's Road West in 1845, approximately the junction of Western Street and Des Voeux Road West near the Western Police Station. This was the northernmost point on the western half of Hong Kong Island.

The Hong Kong Government divided the Victoria City into four wan (環), or districts. While West Point falls into the Sai Wan, the Western District, major government structures like the police station and court are located near West Point. Thus the name of Sai Wan, Western District, Western and West Point were sometimes used interchangeably.

St. Stephen’s Anglican Church located in West Point was founded by the Church Missionary Society (Church Mission Society)(CMS) in 1865. It was led by Vicar Tsing-Shan Fok 霍靜山 (1851-1918), one of the earliest Chinese clergymen in Hong Kong, beginning in 1904.[1][2]


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Coordinates: 22°17′13.15″N 114°08′25.65″E / 22.2869861°N 114.1404583°E / 22.2869861; 114.1404583