West Point, Prince Edward Island

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West Point, Prince Edward Island is located in Prince Edward Island
West Point, Prince Edward Island
Location of West Point in Prince Edward Island
West Point Lighthouse

West Point is a cape and an unincorporated community located in the southwestern corner of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

West Point Lighthouse, a square tapered tower, was built in 1875 by the federal Department of Marine. The West Point Lighthouse Inn, Museum and Restaurant was established in 1984. The West Point Development Corporation, a non-profit organization, maintains the lighthouse as a navigational aid beacon, although the living quarters of the lighthouse are now used as a unique country inn and museum. [1]

This lighthouse was first lit on May 21, 1876.

Cedar Dunes Provincial Park is located at West Point and provides a supervised public beach for swimming.

West Point is not the westernmost extreme point of Prince Edward Island; that is West Cape, several kilometres to the north and slightly west.


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Coordinates: 46°37′N 64°23′W / 46.617°N 64.383°W / 46.617; -64.383