West Point Jewish Chapel

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United States Military Academy Jewish Chapel
West Point Jewish Chapel.JPG
West Point Jewish Chapel
Coordinates: 41°23′34″N 73°57′45″W / 41.39278°N 73.96250°W / 41.39278; -73.96250
Location West Point Cemetery, United States Military Academy
Country United States
Denomination Jewish
Founded 1984
Founder(s) West Point Jewish Chapel Fund

The Jewish Chapel at the United States Military Academy is a synagogue and chapel for the worship of Jewish cadets, faculty and members of the West Point community. Construction began in 1982 and was completed on November 13, 1984,[1] it was the culmination of 20 years of effort on the part of the West Point Jewish Chapel Fund, a private nonprofit organization which raised more than US$7.5 million for its construction.[2]

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