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Official Church Website: [schulen.eduhi.at/hsst.agatha]

West Side Church
West Side Church, Wandsworth
West Side front.jpg
The front of the Church from Allfarthing Lane
Country United Kingdom
Denomination Evangelical Alliance
Website WestSideChurch.org.uk
Founder(s) Mr W. Stevens and Mr D.C. Penny
Pastor(s) Richard Brownnutt
Tony Ellery
Sheila Kilkenny
Rosie Pike

West Side Church is an independent evangelical church in Wandsworth, London. The church was first formed as Bramblebury Hall in 1899, shortly after which it was renamed Victoria Hall in 1902, following Queen Victoria's death. In 1971 its name was again changed to Victoria Hall Evangelical Church, before it took up its present name, West Side Church, in 1986. According to their website, West Side is a group of people, of varied ages and diverse backgrounds, who want to live out their faith in all that they do. They are about 60 church members, but involve many more through the ways they work within the local community in Wandsworth and further afield.

WestSide Football Club[edit]

The church has its own football club with men's, ladies and youth teams in the local leagues.

Community and Overseas Relationships[edit]

West Side Church supports charities and individuals involved in projects overseas, including:

- Europe

- Asia

- Africa

West Side is twinned with Oussouye Evangelical Church in Senegal, West Africa. They share news and ideas, and regularly visit each another to support and enrich their respective church lives.


West Side Church is located on the corner of Melody Road and Wandsworth Common West Side, Wandsworth, London. Its members are drawn from the London Borough of Wandsworth, as well as from Merton and Sutton


West Side Church has a plural leadership, nominated and supported by the church members. Since 2005, the Leaders are:

Richard Brownnutt (2005-)
Tony Ellery (2003-)
Sheila Kilkenny (2005-)
Rosie Pike (2001-)


The church is a member of the Evangelical Alliance, a charitable organisation with a claimed representation of over 1,000,000 evangelical Christians in the United Kingdom.

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