West Sumba Regency

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West Sumba Regency

Kabupaten Sumba Barat
Official seal of West Sumba Regency
Location within East Nusa Tenggara
Location within East Nusa Tenggara
West Sumba Regency is located in Sumba
West Sumba Regency
West Sumba Regency
West Sumba Regency is located in Lesser Sunda Islands
West Sumba Regency
West Sumba Regency
West Sumba Regency (Lesser Sunda Islands)
West Sumba Regency is located in Indonesia
West Sumba Regency
West Sumba Regency
West Sumba Regency (Indonesia)
Coordinates: 9°34′00″S 119°27′00″E / 9.5667°S 119.4500°E / -9.5667; 119.4500Coordinates: 9°34′00″S 119°27′00″E / 9.5667°S 119.4500°E / -9.5667; 119.4500
Country Indonesia
RegionLesser Sunda Islands
Province East Nusa Tenggara
 • RegentAgustinus Niga Dapawole
 • Vice RegentMarthen Ngailu Toni
 • Total274.1 sq mi (709.9 km2)
 • Total120,162
Time zoneUTC+8 (ICST)
Area code(+62) 387

West Sumba Regency (Indonesian: Kabupaten Sumba Barat) is a regency in East Nusa Tenggara Province of Indonesia. Established in 1958,[1] the regency was considerably reduced in 2007 with the creation of new Regencies on Sumba Island. Its area is now 709.9 km2, and its population was 111,993 at the 2010 census;[2] the latest official estimate (at January 2014) was 120,162. It has its seat (capital) in (Kota) Waikabubak.

The region is rather dry. One of the main problems for people living in rural areas in the province is frequent shortages of water. Although there are some local supplies of water from wells and springs, water from these sources often becomes scarce during the long dry seasons. In some villages local non-government organisations, some supported with international assistance, support small projects to improve village water supplies.[3]


The West Sumba Regency (following the re-organisation in 2007 which created Southwest Sumba Regency and Central Sumba Regency out of parts of West Sumba Regency) is composed of six districts (kecamatan), whose areas (in km2) and 2010 Census populations are listed below.:[4]

Name English name Area
(in km2)
Census 2010
Kota Waikabubak 64.0 28,874
Laboya Barat West Laboya 149.5 7,327
Lamboya 105.5 15,856
Loli 125.4 27,103
Tana Righu 128.3 17,670
Wanokaka 137.2 14,163


Villages in the area include:


In 2016 and 2017 Travel + Leisure magazine gave the title of World's Best Hotel (with the highest 98.35 score based on readers' choice) to Nihiwatu Resort (now known as Nihi Sumba[5]). The hotel is one of the leading sectors for ecotourism.[6]


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