West Tamar Council

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West Tamar Council
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West Tamar Council
Coordinates 41°16′12″S 146°52′48″E / 41.27000°S 146.88000°E / -41.27000; 146.88000Coordinates: 41°16′12″S 146°52′48″E / 41.27000°S 146.88000°E / -41.27000; 146.88000
Population 23,202 (2015 est.)[1]
 • Density 33.675/km2 (87.22/sq mi)
Area 689 km2 (266.0 sq mi)
Mayor Christina Holmdahl
Council seat Beaconsfield
Region Western Tamar Valley
State electorate(s) Bass
Federal Division(s) Bass
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Website West Tamar Council
LGAs around West Tamar Council:
Bass Strait Bass Strait Bass Strait
Latrobe West Tamar Council George Town
Meander Valley Meander Valley Launceston

The West Tamar Council is a local government area of Tasmania, Australia. It covers almost all of the western shore of the Tamar River, from Bass Strait in the north, down to Launceston in the south.

The municipal area starts with the Launceston suburb of Riverside in the south; the satellite suburb of Legana; the towns of Exeter, Beaconsfield and Beauty Point, all the way up to the beach resort town of Greens Beach at the mouth of the Tamar River.

In 2006, West Tamar Council had one of the highest birth rates in Australia, with a TFR of 3.12 children per woman.[2]


Suburb Census Population 2011 Reason
Badger Head Incl. in York Town
York Town 113 Includes Badger Head
Greens Beach 322 Includes Kelso
Kelso Incl. in Greens Beach
Clarence Point 231
Ilfraville Incl. in Beauty Point
Beauty Point 1205 Includes Ilfraville
Beaconsfield 1199
Rowella Incl. in Kayena
Kayena 451 Includea Rowella, Richmond Hill
Richmond Hill Incl. in Kayena
Sidmouth 368
Deviot 464 Includes Robygana
Robygana Incl. in Deviot
Swan Point 278
Loira Incl. in Exeter
Gravelly Beach 561
Exeter 804 Includes Loira
Blackwall 306
Lanena 313
Rosevears 304
Grindelwald 828
Legana 3678 Includes Danbury Park
Danbury Park Incl. in Legana
Riverside 6072
Bridgenorth 447 Includes Notley Hills
Notley Hills Incl. in Bridgenorth
Glengarry 514
Frankford 194
Winkleigh 179
Holwell 212 Includes Flowery Gully
Flowery Gully Incl. in Holwell
Total 19,043
2774 Variance
Local Government Total 21,817 Gazetted West Tamar Local Government Area


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