West Texas (album)

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West Texas
Sleepercar - West Texas (2008).jpg
Studio album by Sleepercar
Released April 22, 2008 (US)[1]
Genre Alternative country
Country rock
Acoustic rock
Length 40:00
Label Civil Defense League

West Texas is the debut album by Jim Ward's latest alternative country project Sleepercar. Although the beginning of Sleepercar dates back to the demise of At the Drive-In, Ward only found the time to focus on the project and make it his full-time commitment after the hiatus of his second band Sparta in 2008, when he started working full-time on the Sleepercar album.

The album's music is influenced by such artists as Gram Parsons, Ryan Adams, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Wilco.[2][3]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Jim Ward

No. Title Length
1. "A Broken Promise" 2:58
2. "Wasting My Time" 2:57
3. "Fences Down" 3:53
4. "Wednesday Nights" 4:04
5. "Kings and Compromises" 4:52
6. "Heavy Weights" 4:42
7. "Sound the Alarm" 4:19
8. "End of a Year" 3:36
9. "You Should Run" 4:20
10. "All Will End Well" 1:22
11. "Stumble In" 2:57