The West Texas Rednecks

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The West Texas Rednecks
Members Curt Hennig (frontman)
Bobby Duncum, Jr.
Barry Windham
Kendall Windham
Curly Bill
Name(s) The West Texas Rednecks
The West Texas Outlaws
Billed from Texas
Debut June 1999
Disbanded October 1999
Promotions WCW

The West Texas Rednecks was a short-lived professional wrestling stable and country music band in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in 1999. They are famous for the recording of two songs, "Rap is Crap (I Hate Rap)" and "Good Ol' Boys."


The West Texas Rednecks formed in June 1999 in WCW. The group developed from four wrestlers who fit the mold of a southern gimmick and had teamed with one another in the recent months. They were to be a heel group to feud with The No Limit Soldiers led by Master P. Although the Soldiers were packaged as a face stable, they failed to connect with the audience due to actions perceived as that of heels. In Master P's first and only appearance on WCW Television, (against the suggestion of the bookers and other wrestlers) he bullied heel wrestler Curt Hennig by rejecting a present he gave to Silkk The Shocker (a custom made cowboy hat) and then assaulting him with a birthday cake. This made the No Limit Soldiers look like they were the heels and in turn perceived as badguys by the fans. Hennig was a hated heel (fresh from the nWo) at this time but him being bullied by a group of people promoted as faces, producing a lack of reaction in fans due to the confusion. Not helping the situation that even with backup the Soldiers still outnumbered Hennig's group by nearly 2-1 further making them look like heels.[1] The feud was quickly dropped and the Rednecks were given other face groups to quarrel with instead. They lasted until late October 1999.

The group was made up of leader Curt Hennig, brothers Barry and Kendall Windham, and Bobby Duncum, Jr.. Although Hennig was actually from Minnesota, they billed him as being from Texas like the others. They filmed several vignettes with them riding four-wheelers and they recorded a country song called "Rap is Crap (I Hate Rap)", that received some airplay in the south and on WCW television. The song is mainly about the band's apparent dislike for the genre of rap music, but they are fond of country music (including Willie Nelson), Minnie Pearl, country girls, and NASCAR races with the reference about Richard Petty being the king of those auto races. It also discusses some of the bands favorite things associated with the southern culture and country music. "Rap is Crap (I Hate Rap)" which was written by Jimmy Hart and Howard Helm can be found on WCW Mayhem: The Music. Their first theme song "Good Ol' Boys" was based on Jeff Jarrett's theme song from the mid-1990s. Jimmy Hart's version replaces the verse about the band watching their own "wrestling every week on TV" with watching "the Grand Ole Opry every week on TV". The Windham brothers won the WCW World Tag Team Championship during this time together. They were joined by Curly Bill, who wore a particularly humorous cowboy outfit, near the end of the group's existence.

Their main feuds were with Master P's No Limit Soldiers (Swoll, 4X4, Chase and BA), Four Horsemen members Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko (in the storyline, leftover hatred from when Hennig had betrayed the Horsemen to side with the nWo), Harlem Heat (Booker T and Stevie Ray), and The Filthy Animals (Konnan, Billy Kidman, Rey Misterio Jr., and Eddie Guerrero).

The group was originally called The West Texas Outlaws, with West Texas Rednecks intended as an insult. The combination of the popularity of the name West Texas Rednecks, however, combined with the commentators almost never using the stable's proper name, resulted in the Rednecks becoming the group's official name.


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