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West Valley College
West Valley College logo.png
TypeCommunity college
ChancellorBradley Davis
PresidentCharles Bullock (Interim)
Student TrusteeKian Lechner
Academic staff
198 full-time and 270 associate
Students8,056 [1]
United States
Campus143 acres (58 ha)
ColorsWhite, Navy Blue, Orange
AffiliationsWest Valley-Mission Community College District

West Valley College is a community college in northern California. It is part of the 114-campus California Community College system.


The college was founded as West Valley Junior College in 1963.[2][3] It was to serve the footprint of the Campbell Union High School District, the Los Gatos-Saratoga Joint Union High School District, and the Santa Clara Unified School District. The district was formed by voter approval in January 1963.[2] The first classes began September 14, 1964.[4] The first campus took over the space of the defunct Campbell Union Grammar School, at 1 East Campbell Avenue near Winchester Boulevard in Campbell across the street from Campbell High School.[5] The grammar school itself was closed because its WPA era buildings were deemed unsafe in the event of an earthquake. While some of the existing buildings used, most of the classrooms were portable, parked on the former playgrounds.[6] Since the activity was behind the main building, the entrance to the campus was off the back of the school from Latimer Avenue. Because of this, the school picked up the local moniker of UCLA, a parody of UCLA but standing for University of Campbell, Latimer Avenue.[7]

The land for the new campus, where the school is located now was purchased in 1966. Groundbreaking for the new construction was June 15, 1967.[2][8] Starting in 1968 the first new building was occupied and a few classes transitioned to the new campus, many in temporary classrooms while further permanent structures were built. The transition was completed in 1975.[9]

Mission statement[edit]

The West Valley College community supports students to reach transfer and career goals in an environment of academic excellence.[10]


The campus occupies 143 acres (58 ha) in the city of Saratoga. One of the distinguishing features of the school's location is that it is off the West Valley Freeway.

Organization and administration[edit]

West Valley College is part of Silicon Valley's West Valley–Mission Community College District, which also administers Mission College in nearby Santa Clara, in turn part of the California Community Colleges System. The district serves the cities of [[Saratoga, Campbell, Los Gatos,Monte Sereno Santa Clara, and San Jose. The district headquarters is on the West Valley College campus.

Notable campus administration[edit]

  • President: Bradley Davis[11]
  • Vice President, Administrative Services: J. Patrick Fenton
  • Interim Vice President, Student Services: Stephanie Kashima[11]
  • Interim Dean of Instruction: Chris Dyer[12]
  • Dean of Career and Workforce Development: Brad Weisberg
  • Interim Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs: Matais Pouncil[11]
  • Director of Communications/PIO: Scott Ludwig[12]
  • Dean of Cilker School of Art and Design: Andrew Chandler[11]

Associated Students of West Valley College Executive Board[edit]

  • President: Maia Delrooz
  • Vice President of Legislation: Madelen Mandarelli
  • Vice President of Marketing & Records: Eileen Hails
  • Vice President of Budget & Finance: Zackary Boyd
  • Student Trustee: Kian Lechner

Academic profile[edit]

As of 2005, West Valley College offered 61 associate degree programs and 94 certificate programs. As of 2017, the school had a total enrollment of 9,463 students and its faculty had 404 full-time and 168 associate members. From those 9,463 students, 5,721 are returning students from the semester before.

Student demographics[edit]

Student percentages are: Hispanic 29%, White 38%, Asian 17 %, African-American 4%, Filipino 5%, other 7 % [13]

Student and career programs[edit]

Programs include: Language Arts, Fang Pei Che School of Professional Studies, Social science, Science and Math, and Health and Development. [14]


Aside from traditional programs, West Valley College offers degrees in Administration of Justice, Anthropology, Architecture, Art, Business Administration, Communication Studies, Court Reporting, Early Childhood Education, Economics, Engineering and Drafting, English, Fashion Design, Geography, Geology, Health Care Technology, History, History, Interior Design, Kinesiology, Landscape Architecture, Mathematics, Music, Nutrition and Dietetics, Paralegal,[Park Management, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Real Estate, Social Justice, Sociology, Spanish, Studio Arts, and Theater Arts.

Graduation and transfer rate[edit]

West Valley College has a graduation rate of 30.9% which is beneath the national average of 55.2%. Transfer-out rate to a four-year University from West Valley sits at 17%.[15]


West Valley offers a plethora of men and women sporting activities including: Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Swimming, Water Polo, Softball, volleyball, and Beach Volleyball. West Valley Athletics is known as the West Valley Vikings, with the mascot being a Viking. The current Executive team includes: Athletic director: John Vlahos, Division Chair: Diane Rudy and Secretary: Loretta McMahon [16]

Men's soccer[edit]

Winning Percentage of (.715) over the last 10 seasons only losing 48 games while winning 151. 12 Coast Conference Championships since 1998, last being in 2015 where they Four-Peated as champions from 2012-2015.[17] Nationally ranked 8 seasons since 1998. last being in 2015. Current Head Coach: Gaspar Silveira [17]

Men's baseball[edit]

One of six teams to have won more than 130 games in a span of four seasons. [18] 7 Conference Championships, last being in 2009.[18] Nine Super Regionals, last being in 2008.[18] Reached the Final Four in 2008 and was ranked #7 in the nation that same season.[18] Current Head Coach: Rick Weins [18]

Men's water polo[edit]

West Valley's community college program and in all of California with a multitude of trophies including: Six State Championships,[19] Twenty Northern California Championships,[19] and Twenty-Eight Conference Championships.[19] Current Head Coach: Willo Rodriguez. [19]

Women's softball[edit]

Since 2010, the West Valley softball team has reached the playoffs four times and won two Conference Championships, the last in 2015.[20] The team received a top eight selection in 2013 and is coached by Victoria Galindo.[20]

Notable people[edit]


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