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West Vancouver Municipal Transit "Blue Bus"
West Vancouver Blue Bus 997.jpg
Headquarters221 Lloyd Avenue,
North Vancouver
Service areaWest Vancouver, North Vancouver, Vancouver, Lions Bay
WebsiteBlue Bus
A side view of a West Vancouver Municipal Transit New Flyer Industries D40LF

West Vancouver Municipal Transit, commonly referred to as Blue Bus began in 1912 and is the oldest continuously-operated municipal system in North America.[1] The buses are part of the TransLink network but continue to be owned and operated by the District Municipality of West Vancouver under a contract to TransLink.


Blue Bus operates 12 routes serving the cities of West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Vancouver and the Village of Lions Bay.

West Vancouver Municipal Transit operates the following routes as of January 2019:

  • 214 Blueridge/Phibbs Exchange (Peak hour conventional service is operated by Coast Mountain Bus Company)
  • 215 Indian River/Phibbs Exchange
  • 227 Lynn Valley Centre/Phibbs Exchange
  • 250 Vancouver/Horseshoe Bay/Dundarave (250A)
  • 251 Park Royal/Queens
  • 252 Park Royal/Inglewood
  • 253 Vancouver/Park Royal/Caulfeild
  • 254 Vancouver/Park Royal/British Properties
  • 255 Capilano University/Lynn Valley Centre/Dundarave
  • 256 Park Royal/Whitby Estates/Spuraway
  • 258 West Vancouver/UBC (Operates during peak hours only when the University of British Columbia is in regular academic session from September to April)
  • 262 Lions Bay/Caulfeild

All buses are designated "Fare Paid Zones", which means passengers are required by law to have a valid fare while on board the bus. Failing to pay the fare or not having a valid fare while on board the bus could result in the passenger being fined $173 and/or removed from the bus. Fare inspections are conducted by Transit Security Officers and members from the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Police Service.

Active fleet[edit]

990–998 are owned by West Vancouver. All other buses are owned by TransLink



Picture Manufacturer Model Fleet Notes
1996 New Flyer Industries D40LF 971 (1)
  • 971, ex-Coast Mountain Bus Company 7198, replaced 964
1999 West Vancouver Blue Bus 997.jpg New Flyer Industries D40LF 990–998 (9)
  • 990 is ex-Coast Mountain Bus Company 7299
  • Undergoing retirement and disposition
2007 Nova Bus LFS 701-706 (6)
  • 703-706 are ex-Coast Mountain Bus Company 9601-9604
  • 702 involved in a fatal car accident on the Lions Gate Bridge in November 2012
  • 705 struck a cyclist on the Stanley Park Causeway in May 2013
2009 Nova Bus LFS 901-909 (9)
  • Replacements for the Orion I buses.
  • 909 struck a fire hydrant at 15th St and Chesterfield Ave on March 27, 2016[2]
2012/2016 West Vancouver Municipal Transit 1603.jpg New Flyer Industries XD40 1201–1217, 1601–1607 (24)
  • First batch built in 2012 and are replacements for the 1995-96 New Flyer D40LF fleet
  • Second batch (1601–1605) built in 2016
  • 1606–1607 transferred from CMBC in 2018
2013-2014 WVMT S1317.jpg Chevrolet/ElDorado National G4500/Aerotech S1301–S1304, S1308–S1309, S1316–S1320 (11)
2017/2018 WVMT 17504.jpg Chevrolet/Arboc G4500/SOM28G 17501–17505, 18501–18509 (14)
  • First low-floor community shuttles in mainland Metro Vancouver since 1999
  • Second batch built in 2018


West Vancouver buses are numbered by the production year and unit number. For example, bus number 1201 would have been produced in 2012, and the first bus received. Exceptions to this are buses built before 1991 and Community Shuttles built before 2013. Since 2017, Community Shuttles follow the standard TransLink numbering system, adding a "5" in between the year and unit number to denote its place in TransLink's Community Shuttle "500" series.

Retired/Transferred fleet[edit]

Year Picture Manufacturer Model Fleet (Qty.) Notes
1961 General Motors TDH-4517 61 (1)
  • Preserved "Heritage Bus"
1991 New Flyer Industries D60 912–914 (3)
1992 West Vancouver Blue Bus 922 clip.jpg Orion Bus Industries Orion I 921–929 (9)
  • All retired and scrapped
1995 New Flyer Industries D40LF 951–959, 961-968 (17)
  • All retired; some sold, some scrapped.
2005 General Motors GMC C5500 Community Shuttle S200–S201, S261 (3)
  • All retired
  • S261 transferred to Coast Mountain Bus Company in fall 2013
1998 NovaBus LFS 981 (1)
  • Retired and sold to Prince Albert Transit
2007 New Flyer Industries D60LFR 712–714 (3)
  • Replacements for the 3 retired D60s
  • Returned to Coast Mountain Bus Company 8102–8104 in September 2018
2008 Nova Bus LFS 801-803 (3)
  • To Coast Mountain Bus Company 9797-9799 in September 2018


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