West and Soda

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West and Soda
2006 DVD cover
Directed by Bruno Bozzetto
Produced by Bruno Bozzetto
Written by Bruno Bozzetto
Sergio Crivellaro (dialogue)
Attilio Giovannini
Starring Nando Gazzolo
Vittoria Febbi
Carlo Romano
Music by Giampiero Boneschi
Cinematography Luciano Marzetti
Roberto Scarpa
Release date
  • 1 October 1965 (1965-10-01) (Italy)
Running time
86 min
Country Italy
Language Italian

West and soda (also known as The West Way Out) is a 1965 traditionally animated Italian feature film directed by Bruno Bozzetto. It is a parody of the traditional American Western.[1]


The plot of the film follows the traditional stranger arriving in a small western town. The stranger finds a pretty woman holding out from selling her uniquely green land to the local big shot, who is harassing her in hope of seducing her/buying her land. There's an ongoing mystery about how the stranger got a hold of the gold nugget he possesses, though at the end of the film it is revealed that he found it in a soap box (it's fake).



A PAL R2 DVD of the film has been released in Italy. It contains 40 minutes of extra material, including interviews, a completely restored version of the film as well as English subtitles.

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