Westborn Market

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Westborn Market
IndustrySupermarket chain
Founded1963 in Dearborn, MI
FoundersAndrew and George Anusbigian
Key people
Mark Anusbigian, president

Westborn Market is a small chain of gourmet supermarkets located in the Metropolitan Detroit area of southeast Michigan. Currently, Westborn Market operates four main stores, which are located in Dearborn, Livonia, Plymouth and Berkley.

Westborn Market is primarily a fruit market, but also features large selections of beverages and wine, a full-service deli, and many specialty grocery items as well. All four Westborn locations also feature an extensive floral market.

Westborn Market was founded by George Anusbigian in Dearborn, MI, in 1963. Since the death of George Anusbigian, the company is owned and operated by three family brothers Mark, Jeff, and Anthony Anusbigian.[1]

Westborn Market, Livonia
Westborn Market, Dearborn


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