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Seal of the Westchester County Board of Legistrators

The Westchester County Board of Legislators is the legislative, policy-making branch of Westchester County. The powers of the Board are enumerated in the County’s charter. A key power of the Board concerns finances: appropriating funds, approving the budget and levying taxes. It also approves appointments by the County Executive and passes local laws, acts and resolutions.

The Board has seventeen members, known as Legislators, each representing a district approximately 50,000 residents and is elected every two years. (See below Board members)

Board members[edit]

The County Board has seventeen members, each representing a district approximately 50,000 residents. As of January 1, 2014, ten of them are Democrats and seven are Republicans. Although the Democrats hold a numerical majority, two of the members of the Democratic conference caucus with the Republicans on the Board to form a majority, similar to the Independent Democratic Conference of the New York State Senate.

District Legislator Notes Residence
1 John Testa (R) Peekskill
2 Peter Harckham (D) Katonah
3 Michael J. Smith (R) Valhalla
4 Michael Kaplowitz (D) Board Chair Somers
5 Benjamin Boykin (D) White Plains
6 David Gelfarb (R) Rye Brook
7 Catherine Parker (D) Rye City
8 Alfreda Williams (D) Greenburgh
9 Catherine Borgia (D) Ossining
10 Sheila Marcotte (R) Tuckahoe
11 James Maisano (R) Vice Chair New Rochelle
12 MaryJane Shimsky (D) Hastings-on-Hudson
13 Lyndon Williams (D) Mount Vernon
14 Bernice Spreckman (R) Yonkers
15 Gordon A. Burrows (R) Yonkers
16 Kenneth W. Jenkins (D) Yonkers
17 Virginia Perez (D) Yonkers


The Board of Legislators operates under a committee system. Currently, there are nine committees, each of which is charged with overseeing a particular policy area.

The following table reflect Committee chairs during the legislative term of 2012-2013.

Committee Chair
Budget and Appropriations Judith Myers
Legislation William J. Ryan
Community Services Alfreda Williams
Public Safety Virginia Perez
Government Operations Catherine Borgia
Government Reform, Efficiency & Savings Lyndon Williams
Environment & Energy Michael Kaplowitz
Appointments MaryJane Shimsky
Rules Peter Harckham


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