Westcott, Syracuse, New York

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Westcott Street during the annual Westcott Street Cultural Fair in September 2004

Westcott is a neighborhood in Syracuse, New York, United States. Its proximity to Syracuse University makes for a diverse community, home to Syracuse University students, professors and other faculty and staff, as well as residents at all income levels. Westcott Street is the main retail street of the neighborhood, featuring numerous restaurants, coffee shops, stores and The Westcott Theater performing arts venue. It is the site of the annual Westcott Street Cultural Fair, a one-day celebration of the diversity and uniqueness of the neighborhood with food, art, live performances and cultural activities. Westcott is also home to Thornden Park, one of the largest parks in Syracuse. The Westcott neighborhood is the boyhood home of renowned banjoist Tony Trischka.


Westcott was founded in the late nineteenth century as a result of the growth of Syracuse University. In 1893, the neighborhood began being served by electric streetcars, which ran along Westcott Street and Euclid Avenue towards downtown Syracuse. The current Westcott business district formed at the end of the streetcar line.[1]

The Blanchard House, Thornden Park, and Babcock-Shattuck House are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.[2]

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