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The Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) is the credential given to students who have completed senior secondary education (Year 11 and Year 12) in the state of Western Australia, Australia, and is intended to become the Western Australian certificate within the Australian Certificate of Education, part of the Australian Qualifications Framework. From 2010 onwards,[1] WACE is now also the umbrella term given to the set of final examinations that are completed by Year 12 students, replacing the TEE (Tertiary Entrance Exam).

WACE is a type of diploma awarded by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority. It is compulsory to sit English and four other subjects for WACE, Previously, it was also required that students sit a Mathematics course exam, but this has since been removed.[citation needed]


As of 2010, the requirements for successful completion of WACE are:[2]

  • For students to achieve the WACE, they must have completed 10 full-year course units over Years 11 and 12.
  • Achieve an average of C grade or better in at least eight of these full-year (or equivalent) subjects. At least four of these subjects must also be at Year 12 level.
  • Complete four English units (the equivalent of two full years study of English - Years 11 and 12 combined).
  • Meet English competency requirements (satisfied by a final, scaled mark of 50 or more in English).

WACE examinations[edit]

In a first for Western Australia, under the WACE system as opposed to the previous TEE, it is compulsory for all students to sit the final examination for each of their subjects,[3] unless exempt.

All remaining subjects from the predecessor to the WACE, the TEE, will be converted to the new WACE standard as of 2010. Some subjects were already under the new WACE system as early as 2005, such as 3A/3B English, 2C/2D English and Applied Information Technology. To apply for university, students must gain 4 3A/3B subject at WACE level (except 2C/2D Maths, as this can count as a stage 3 subject)

WACE in other countries[edit]

The WACE is also available overseas in South East Asia. This offers an affordable option for international students who would otherwise not have the opportunity take this exam in Australia. Exams are invigilated and moderated by SCSA. Several centres are available in Malaysia where the WACE curriculum is delivered.


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