Western Australian Planning Commission

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Western Australian Planning Commission
Planning Authority overview
Formed 1955
Jurisdiction Government of Western Australia
Minister responsible
  • Eric Lumsden, WAPC Chairman
Parent department Department of Planning
Website planning.wa.gov.au

The Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is a statutory authority of the Government of Western Australia that exists to coordinate planning for future land use and transport needs. It describes itself as Western Australia's "peak representative body of land-use planning and development".[citation needed] Its main role is to coordinate the various government agencies and other stakeholders in large infrastructure projects, to ensure that consideration is given to all interests and needs, including environmental, economic and community interests. It operates within the purview of the Department of Planning, which is responsible to the Minister for Planning.


The commission was originally called the Metropolitan Regional Planning Authority (MRPA) when it was established with David Carr as the chief planner. Shortly after that time, in 1965 Paul Ritter became the first city planner for Perth.[1]



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