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WARCC is a five letter acronym that stands for Western Australian Regional Computing Centre. It was part of the University of Western Australia, parts of which were spun off in 1991, and renamed Winthrop Technology. WARCC was formed formally on 1-Jan-72, and ceased in 1991. It was formed in order to provide a range of computing services to the University, other universities in Western Australia, government departments, and some private companies. It specialised in technical and scientific computing. Among the services it provided were time-shared computer processing, facilities management, software development, microcomputer rental and sales. It was DEC's first customer for the PDP-6. Its first Director was Dennis Moore (1972–1979), followed by Alex Reid (1979–1991). WARCC's Data Communications group, headed by Terry Gent, developed computer networking hardware and software. Using a combination of equipment from Digital Equipment Corporation and other vendors, and hardware and software that the group developed, it built a campus-wide network and then extended that to link the networks of the universities in Western Australia in the first heterogeneous packet switching network in Australia.

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Coordinates: 31°58′42″S 115°49′00″E / 31.978467°S 115.816712°E / -31.978467; 115.816712