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The Western Base Party
Western Base Party on the Aurora's deck (photograph by Percival Gray)

The Western Base Party was a successful exploration party of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition. The eight-man Western Party was deposited by the Aurora on the Shackleton Ice Shelf at Queen Mary Land.[1] The leader of the team was Frank Wild and the party included the geologist Charles Hoadley.

The party established the Queen Mary Land Station.[citation needed] An early setback was the destruction of the radio mast in the first blizzard.[1] Severe weather impeded activities as did dangerous crevices. The team sent an expedition to into Kaiser Wilhelm II Land.

The party had no supplies for a second winter. The Western Base Party was collected on February 23, 1913 by the Aurora, with no loss of life.[1]


The Western Base Party made a number of discoveries including;

Drygalski Island was first sited by the Western Base Party but it was not until the return voyage of Australasian Antarctic Expedition that the island was accurately identified.

A.L. Kennedy was cartographer of the expedition. He was later honored by the Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names (US-ACAN)'s naming of Kennedy Peak (Antarctica) for him, in recognition of the close correlation of his 1912–13 running survey of the eastern half of the Queen Mary Coast with the US-ACAN map of 1955 compiled from aerial photographs.[2]

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