Western Canada GAA Divisional Board

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The Western Canada Divisional Board of the Gaelic Athletic Association is part of the Canadian County Board and is responsible for Gaelic games in Western Canada. The county board is also responsible for the football, hurling, camogie and Ladies' Gaelic football, known collectively as Gaelic games. The Western Canada Divisional Board branch of the Gaelic Athletic Association was founded in May 2003.


Each of these clubs has a Men's & Ladies' Team, with the exception of Vancouver Celts & Red Deer Éire Óg who only have Men's teams. These teams compete at various tournaments over the course of the summer months.

The Division is dedicated to improving the standard of competition and providing as many games as possible for the member clubs. For this reason, other clubs are invited to and attend these tournaments, even though they are

Each year member teams play in the Western Canadian Championships. The Championships are played out in such a way that they does not undermine the spirit or competition of each city's own individual Gaelic Football tournaments. The Championships complement these vital tournaments.