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The fortress used in El Condor

Western Leone is a Western-style theme park in the province of Almeria, Andalusia (Spain). Located at the 378.9 km mark on the A-92 motorway,[1] it is the smallest of three such theme parks in the Tabernas Desert; the other two are Mini Hollywood and Texas Hollywood. Western Leone was originally built to film Sergio Leone's Once Upon a Time in the West (1968);[2] the large red house, around which much of the scenes in the film revolve, is maintained as an attraction, along with other buildings of a Western town.[3] It has also been used to film other spaghetti westerns.[2]

In 1970, a fortress was built a short distance from Western Leone. This structure was used as a set for El Condor and later films. The fortress fell into disrepair by 1986.[4]

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Coordinates: 37°01′56″N 2°26′47″W / 37.032210°N 2.446411°W / 37.032210; -2.446411