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The TRA West Coast Main Line (Chinese: 西部幹線) is a railway line of the Taiwan Railway Administration running along Taiwan's densely populated western corridor. As a result of this, it remains the busiest rail line in Taiwan. In 2009, the line served over 164.3 million passengers, averaging 450,244 passengers per day.[1] The concept "Western Line" is actually a combination of line sections as the following:

The total length of the combined line of Taiwan Trunk Line is 408.5 km, of which 361.6 km is double track.[2]


The original railroad between Keelung and Dadaocheng was completed in 1891. The section between Dadaocheng and Hsinchu was finished in 1893. However, these sections were all rebuilt at the beginning of the 20th century. The Western Line was completed in 1908. The Coastal Line, which was finished in 1922, was used to relieve congestion near Taichung.


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