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The Western Marble Arch Synagogue in Great Cumberland Place - geograph.org.uk - 1038697.jpg

The Western Marble Arch (WMA) Synagogue is a Jewish place of worship in central London. The WMA is the result of a merger between the Western and the Marble Arch Synagogues, with the former congregation dating back to 1761. The current building is in Great Cumberland Place, Westminster. It is a leading Orthodox Judaism synagogue and offers religious and social activities to its members and the wider community.[1]


Western Synagogue[edit]

The Western synagogue was founded in 1761 in Great Pulteney Street, Westminster. The congregation, formally named, in the transliteration of the era, Hebra Kaddisha Shel Gemillith Hassadim, Westminster (Holy Congregation of the Assembly of Israel, Westminster) first met in the home of Wold Liepman, a prosperous immigrant merchant from St. Petersburg. A series of leased spaces followed until 1826 when the congregation built an elaborate synagogue in St. Alban's Place, Haymarket (London) and renamed itself The Western Synagogue..[2]

Spiritual leadership[edit]

Current Executive Board of Directors[edit]

  • Mr. Stanley Simmonds, President[6]
  • Mr. Alan Lee, Vice President
  • Mr. Alan Goldberg, Warden
  • Mr. Andrew Tobias, Warden

Seat of the Chief Rabbi[edit]

In November 2003, the Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth Jonathan Sacks accepted the position as the spiritual leader of the Western Marble Arch Synagogue.[7]

Notable members[edit]


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