Western Persian

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Western Persian
Pronunciation [fɒːɾˈsiː]
Native to Iran, Iraq
Region Western Asia
Native speakers
51.6 million (2015)[1]
Dialects Abadani, Araki, Bandari, Esfahani, Karbalai, Kashani, Kermani, Mashhadi, Qazvini, Shirazi, Tehrani, Yazdi
Perso-Arabic script
Official status
Official language in
Regulated by Academy of Persian Language and Literature
Language codes
ISO 639-3 pes
Glottolog west2369[2]
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Western Persian or Iranian Persian is the most widely spoken dialect of Persian.[3] It is spoken in Iran and by minorities in Iraq and the Persian Gulf states.[3] It is one of three major dialects of Persian.

Western Persian is also known as Iranian Persian, Farsi,[3] Western Farsi, or simply Persian.


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