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Western Québec School Board (WQSB, French: ''Commission scolaire Western Québec'', CSWQ) is an English-language school district based in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada in Greater Ottawa.[1] It was formerly a Protestant school district. The chairperson is Michael Chiasson, and the director general is Paul Lamoureux.


The WQSB was created by a series of amalgamations of smaller school boards. In 1998, when Quebec's religious school boards were replaced by linguistic boards, seven English-language schools formerly designated as Roman Catholic were transferred to the WQSB. School boards in Quebec had been organized along confessional lines, Catholic and Protestant, since before Canadian Confederation.


The board operates the following schools:

  • Buckingham Elementary School (Gatineau, QC; Secteur Buckingham)
  • Chelsea Elementary School (Chelsea, QC)
  • D’Arcy McGee High School (Gatineau, QC; Secteur Aylmer)
  • Dr. S.E. McDowell Elementary School (Shawville, QC)
  • Dr. Wilbert Keon School
  • Eardley Elementary School (Gatineau, QC; Secteur Aylmer)
  • G. Théberge School
  • Golden Valley School
  • Greater Gatineau Elementary School (Gatineau, QC; Secteur Gatineau)
  • Hadley Junior High School (Gatineau, QC; Secteur Hull)
  • Lord Aylmer School (Gatineau, QC; Secteur Aylmer)
  • Maniwaki Woodland School (Maniwaki, QC)
  • Namur Intermediate School (Namur, QC)
  • Noranda School
  • Onslow Elementary School
  • Philemon Wright High School (Gatineau, QC; Secteur Hull)
  • Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School (Gatineau, QC; Secteur Hull)
  • Poltimore Elementary School (Poltimore, QC)
  • Pontiac High School (Shawville, QC)
  • Queen Elizabeth Elementary School
  • South Hull Elementary School (Gatineau, QC; Secteur Aylmer)
  • St. John’s/John Paul II School
  • St. Michael’s High School (Low, QC)
  • Symmes Junior High School (Gatineau, QC; Secteur Aylmer)
  • Wakefield Elementary School (Wakefield, QC)


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