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ZSD Interchange
Map of Central part of the Diameter

Western High-Speed Diameter (Russian: Западный скоростной диаметр, abbreviated ЗСД, ZSD) is a toll motorway in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The only segment of the road open to traffic is an eight-lane motorway connecting the southern segment of the A118 beltway with two junctions at the Kirovsky and Moskovsky Districts, respectively. Other segments of the highway are currently under construction and will eventually form a corridor through the western districts of St Petersburg to cross the northern portion of the A118 beltway in Yuntolovo and to meet the E-18/M-10 route at the Beloostrov junction. A new 4-km-long section of the highway is slated to open in late 2011.[1] It will connect the northern terminus of the currently open segment with the industrial western part of the Kirovsky district which hosts the port of St Petersburg. A 25-km-long section running from Beloostrov to the Primorsky District is scheduled to open in late 2012.[1] The overall length of the Western High-Speed Diameter highway is projected at 47 km (29 mi) upon the scheduled completion in 2013 - 2014.[1] The current rate for passenger cars and other two axle vehicles is 30 rubles, with higher rates for vehicles with more axles.[1] A discount is given during the overnight hours (11 pm - 7 am) and for the vehicles equipped with a transponder. ZSD cost 210 billion rubles.


Vladimir Putin attended the opening ceremony of the central section of the Western High-Speed Diameter, 2 December 2016

The Western High-Speed Diameter is a 46.6-kilometre road with a total length, including all exit and entry ramps and interchanges, of over 70 kilometres. It features 15 interchanges, and its width varies from four to eight lanes. The new road is expected to ease congestion in the historic centre of St Petersburg, the St Petersburg Ring Road and road network, enabling drivers to cross the city in less than 20 minutes.

Environmental Impact[edit]

Part of the toll highway will run near the Yuntolovo Nature Reserve on the northern outskirts of St Petersburg. From the outset, the road construction project has caused significant public concern about a negative impact on the ecology of the reserve, as well as possible rezoning of areas of the nature reserve for commercial and residential development.[2] Concerned citizens have formed a movement to save the forest and swampland of the nature reserve from harmful construction projects along the route of the new highway.[3]


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