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The Western School Board was a Canadian school district in Prince Edward Island, from the 1990s to 2012.

It was an Anglophone district operating 21 public schools (gr. 1-12) in Prince County. It maintained offices in Summerside and Elmsdale.

The Western School Board was created in the 1990s when Regional School Unit 1 and Regional School Unit 2 were merged. Current enrollment was approximately 7,400 students.

Kensington Family[edit]

Kinkora Family[edit]

Three Oaks Family[edit]

  • Three Oaks Senior High School
  • Athena Consolidated School
  • Elm Street Elementary School
  • Greenfield Elementary School
  • Miscouche Consolidated School
  • Parkside Elementary School
  • Summerside Intermediate School

Westisle Family[edit]

  • Westisle Composite High School
  • Alberton Elementary School
  • Bloomfield Elementary School
  • Ellerslie Elementary School
  • Hernewood Intermediate School
  • Merritt E. Callaghan Intermediate School
  • O’Leary Elementary School
  • St. Louis Elementary School
  • Tignish Elementary School

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