Western Socialist

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Western Socialist
Western Socialist 1974 Issue 300
Frequency Monthly (1933-june-1948) bimonthly (jul-aug-1948-197?)
Publisher Socialist Party of Canada (WSM)
Year founded 1933 (1933)
Final issue 1980
Country Canada and United States
Based in Winnipeg (1933-39, 1970s-1980), Boston (1939-1970s)
Language English
ISSN 0043-4191
OCLC number 1589457

Western Socialist, Journal of Scientific Socialism in the Western Hemisphere was a regular magazine of the Socialist Party of Canada (WSM) begun in 1933, becoming a joint publication with the World Socialist Party of the United States in 1939,[1][2] before reverting to the Socialist Party of Canada in the mid-1970s and ceasing publication in 1980. Both parties involved were companion parties of the World Socialist Movement and later went on to co-operate on the World Socialist Journal published between 1984-1985.

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