Iloilo Science and Technology University

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Iloilo Science and Technology University
Latin: Universitas Technologiae et Scientiarum Iloilensis
Former names
Iloilo Trade School, Iloilo School of Arts and Trade, Western Visayas College of Science and Technology
Motto Labor is Honor
Type State college
Established 1905
President Dr. Luis Sorolla Jr.

Dr. Ricardo Abaleña

= Mr. Edwin Fos

Dr. Rose Marie P. Prudente (College of Arts and Sciences)

                     Dr. Manuel Sanchez (College of Industrial Technology)
                     Engr. Gabriel Salistre (College of Engineering and Architecture)
                     Dr. Emma Paclibar (College of Education)
Dr. Ricardo B. Abaleña (Graduate Studies)
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Undergraduates ~5000
Postgraduates ~200
Location Iloilo City, Iloilo, Philippines

Urban: Iloilo City

Rural: Miagao, Barotac Nuevo, Dumangas, Leon
Colors Blue     
Athletics ISAT-U Tradeans
Affiliations SCUAA

The Iloilo Science and Technology University (also referred to as ISAT-U or ISAT) is a public university located in Iloilo City Philippines. ISAT-U was founded in 1905 and is mandated and chartered as a polythecnical university by the Philippine government to provide undergraduate and graduate courses in technology education, agriculture, fishery, engineering, arts and sciences, forestry, business, health, computer, criminology, nautical and short-term vocational-technical and other continuing courses. It is also mandated to promote research, advanced studies, extension work and progressive leadership in its area of specialization.[1] Its main campus is located in Burgos St., Lapaz, Iloilo City.[2]


ISAT-U was established in 1905 as an elementary trade school known as the Iloilo Trade School .

By virtue of Commonwealth Act No. 313 in 1939, the school was converted into a National School of Arts and Trade with Iloilo School of Arts and Trades as its official name. In 1940, the school offered the Two-year Teacher Education Curriculum for the graduates of the secondary trade schools and Three-Year Education Curriculum for graduates in general high school.

In 1951, the school was authorized to open the degree of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education (BSIE). The school was made a training center in the development of industrial arts program when the team of Industrial Educators from Stanford University arrived in 1957. In 1968, it also became a training center for implementation of the reconstructed manpower program of the National Manpower and Youth Council. In 1974, the Educational Development Project Implementation Task Force (EDPITAF) identified the school as the Regional Staff Development Center (RSDC) for Practical Arts in Western Visayas. It also pioneered in the implementation of the graduate program for vocational technical education in 1976 offering the degree Master of Arts in Teaching Vocational Education.

In May 1983, by virtue of Batas Pambansa Blg 395, the school was converted into a chartered state college known as the Western Visayas College of Science and Technology.

The university acquired a 1.5-hectare lot across the road in addition to its present 4.75 ha. area that accommodates the main campus.

The college was elevated to a university in June, 2013 and changed its name to Iloilo Science and Technology University.[3][4]


The gear symbolizes industry, the atom represents science & the tower depicts technology, the book and torch at the center represent education, the gold and blue colors are the College official colors.


The Technovator is the university's college publication. [5] [6]


The Iloilo Science and Technology University has five campuses to date.[7]

  • Iloilo Science and Technology University (ISATU - Main Campus), Lapaz, Iloilo City
  • Southern Iloilo Polytechnic College (SIPC) - Miagao, Iloilo
  • Purification Dolar Monfort College (PDMC) - Dumangas, Iloilo
  • Don Jose Sustiguer Monfort Memorial National College (DJSMMNC) - Barotac Nuevo, Iloilo
  • Leon National College of Agriculture (LNCA) - Leon, Iloilo


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