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Westerose is located in Alberta
Location of Westerose Alberta

Westerose is a hamlet in central Alberta, Canada, within the County of Wetaskiwin No. 10.[1] It is located on Highway 13, approximately 44 kilometres (27 mi) west of Wetaskiwin.

The hamlet of Westerose, Alberta was named after Västerås, Sweden, where the Norström family immigrated from. Axel Norström was the first of the Norströms to emigrate to North America. He left Västerås in 1903. He spent a couple of years living in Minnesota, then moved to the South Pigeon Lake area in the spring of 1905. Axel Norström initially lived with the Christenson family until his house was built on the property he homesteaded. Axel's parents, John and Johanna Norström, arrived shortly after, on New Years Day 1906, along with their granddaughter, Edith. More Norström family members relocated to the Westerose, Alberta area in the next few years. The Norström home became a stopping place for travellers, offering food and lodging. Church services were also held at their home until the local church was built.[citation needed]


Residents of Westerose are assigned to schools in the Wetaskiwin Regional Division No. 11, with Lakedell School serving primary grades and Pigeon Lake Regional School serving secondary grades.[2]

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Coordinates: 52°57′29″N 114°00′00″W / 52.95806°N 114.00000°W / 52.95806; -114.00000 (Westerose)