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Westfield Plaza Bonita
USA CA NationalCity Westfield 001 2013.jpg
View over Westfield Plaza Bonita from La Vista Cemetery
Location National City, California, USA
Address 3030 Plaza Bonita Road, National City, CA 91950
Opening date 1981 as Plaza Bonita
Developer May Centers, Inc.
Management Westfield Group
Owner Westfield Group
No. of stores and services 168 [1]
No. of anchor tenants 4
Total retail floor area 816,000 ft²
No. of floors 2
Parking Outdoor Parking Lot/3-Story Parking Lot
Website http://westfield.com/plazabonita

Westfield Plaza Bonita, formerly Plaza Bonita and Westfield Shopping Town Plaza Bonita, is a shopping mall in National City, California, owned by the Westfield Group. Its anchor stores are JCPenney, AMC Theatres, Macy's, Target, Crush Fitness and Nordstrom Rack


The mall opened in 1981 anchored by JCPenney, Mervyn's, Montgomery Ward, and the May Company.[2] Westfield America, Inc., a precursor to The Westfield Group acquired the shopping center in 1994.

In mid-2006, the former Wards store, which had been the location of seasonal retailers (Halloween costumers and art shows) was stripped and gutted and a new plan was announced to the public that the South end of the mall would be demolished and rebuilt.[3]


The mall opened in 1981 as the first enclosed shopping center in the area of South Bay and anchor stores like JC Penney, Mervyn's, Montgomery Ward, and May Company. The original design included a large razo sky orange and silver, wood designs. The entire shopping complex was stuck in the middle with a great source of two stories high, but was dismantled in mid 2002. Westfield America, Inc., a precursor to The Westfield Group acquired the mall 1994, and in 1998 appointed him to "Westfield Shopping Town Plaza Bonita", removing the name "Shoppingtown" in June 2005.

In mid-2002, America Westfield shopping center, went through several phases of renovations to modernize and have a more modern and youthful design. The new design of the new mall is similar to most Westfield shopping centers. The whole mall was painted again and new ceramic tile and the food court was renovated and built in a more central place were installed. That same year a restaurant Outback Steakhouse, opened and revitalized a part of the shopping center located near the parking lot. It was the second full restaurant to open after the Applebee's in which opened in 1993.

In mid-2006, the former Wards store, which is especially dedicated for festive seasons (Halloween costumes etc.) was dismantled and a new plan was announced that the south end of the mall demolished and rebuilt serious. In 2008 the Westfield Plaza Bonita shopping center was finished being remodeled. The new stores that opened in the part that was remodeled includes Target, AMC Theatres, Borders bookstore, a new food court, parking on three levels, as well as new shops and restaurants. The new part of the mall opened on May 16, 2008


In 2008 Target, Borders, AMC, The Former Montgomery Ward Corridor opened back up. In 2011 Border Closed closed and is now a Crush fitness. During this time a Jolliebee, Red Ribbon and Chowking opened. In 2012, Johns Incredible Pizza took over the bottom half of Mervyn's, and in 2013 Nordstrom Rack took over the 2nd level of Mervyn's. In 2014, Jolliebee, Redribbion and Chowking closed and became a clothing store. Later that year the clothing store closed, then a few years later it became Hooters. In 2016 the Shimmer closed and moved to the Dear Alice location and the former Shimmer location is becoming the third-ever A'GACI location in the San Diego Area. And the former Disney store is now a Fashion Q.


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