Westfriedhof (Munich U-Bahn)

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Westfriedhof station platform.

Westfriedhof is an U-Bahn station in Munich on the U1 line of the Munich U-Bahn system, it opened on 24 May 1998, the extension onwards to Georg-Brauchle-Ring was completed in 2003.[1] 11 large lamps measuring 3.80 metres in diameter were installed in 2001 and bathe the station in blue, red and yellow light.[2]

The station is also served by routes Munich tramway and Munich tramway of the Munich tramway, and is the terminus of the latter route.[3]

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U 1
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Coordinates: 48°10′14″N 11°31′42″E / 48.17056°N 11.52833°E / 48.17056; 11.52833