Westmount, Nova Scotia

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Westmount, Nova Scotia
Suburban Community
Country  Canada
Province  Nova Scotia
Municipality Cape Breton Regional Municipality
Population (2001: From Statistics Canada)
 • Total 3,000
Time zone AST (UTC-4)
 • Summer (DST) ADT (UTC-3)
Area code(s) 902

Westmount (2001 pop.: 3,000) is a suburban community in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality.


Located on the west bank of the Sydney River at the point where Sydney Harbour begins, Westmount faces Sydney's downtown. Neighbouring communities include Point Edward, Coxheath and Edwardsville.[1] Westmount is a majority of residential commute to the CBRM urban core in Sydney.


There are several public schools in Westmount, as well as one post-secondary institution. These include:

  • Robin Foote Elementary School (gr. P-6) on Sunnydale Drive
    • Principal Andy Culligan
  • MacLennan Junior High School (gr. 7-9) also on Sunnydale Drive.
    • Principal Redmond MacDougall

Neither school currently employs a vice principal.

    • MacLennan was the first public school in Nova Scotia to obtain an Internet connection, as well as produce an educational CD-ROM.
    • The majority of students graduating from MacLennan Junior High attend Riverview Rural High School, in Coxheath.
  • Canadian Coast Guard College

Recently Westmount has seen an addition to the community in the form of a new Montessori private elementary school. This facility has opened in a building which was formerly used as a satellite by Robin Foote Elementary to accommodate the school's overflowing Primary and Grade 1 classes.


As part of the CBRM, Westmount is represented by a municipal councilor. The current councilor for District 4, which includes Westmount, is Claire Detheridge.[2]


With the exception of a few families almost the entire populous of Westmount is Christian. The churches located in Westmount include:

  • Holy Rosary Roman Catholic
  • Westmount United
  • Saint Aidan's Anglican (This church was a member of St Mark's Parish in Coxheath but was closed several years ago. It is now used as a dance school.)

Amenities and places of interest[edit]

Westmount is home to Petersfield Provincial Park.[3] The park was formerly a private family estate and home to the 18th century Mayor of New York City, David Mathews and later the industrialist and Senator, John Stewart McLennan. The grounds have been designated as a historical property and are home to the ruins of a large manor house and caretaker's home.[4] Canada Day festivities are held at the park every year.

The other amenities in Westmount include:

Notable people[edit]

People of note who live/lived in Westmount include:


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