Westmount Summit

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Westmount Summit
Westmount and St. Joseph's Oratory.jpg
Outremont (left), St. Joseph's Oratory and Westmount
Highest point
Elevation201 m (659 ft) [1]
Coordinates45°29′31.03″N 73°36′25″W / 45.4919528°N 73.60694°W / 45.4919528; -73.60694Coordinates: 45°29′31.03″N 73°36′25″W / 45.4919528°N 73.60694°W / 45.4919528; -73.60694
Westmount Summit is located in Quebec
Westmount Summit
Westmount Summit
Parent rangeMonteregian Hills
Topo mapUSGS Mount Katahdin
Age of rockEarly Cretaceous
Mountain typeIntrusive stock
Easiest routeHiking or Cycling
A trail in the summit woods.
Westmount Summit
Le sommet de Westmount
Westmount Summit is located in Montreal
Westmount Summit
Location of Westmount Summit on Montreal Island
LocationWestmount, Quebec, Canada
Coordinates45°29′31″N 73°36′25″W / 45.491954°N 73.606943°W / 45.491954; -73.606943
Area23.087 hectares (57.05 acres)[2]
Operated byCity of Westmount

Westmount Summit is the summit of one of the three peaks of Mount Royal (along with Mount Royal proper and Outremont) located in Westmount, Quebec, Canada. Part of the geographical summit is located within the Montreal borough of Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.

The summit is approximately 201 metres (659 ft) above sea-level.[1] The park occupies approximately 23.087 hectares (57.05 acres) of land at the summit, making it the largest park in Westmount.[2]

A lookout is located on its southern face, providing views over Westmount, Montreal, the south shore and the Eastern Townships.

Summit woods[edit]

McGill University owned the land on Westmount Summit in the late nineteenth century, which it used for a botanical garden. In the early twentieth century, McGill donated the land to the City of Westmount on the condition that it become a bird sanctuary. Today, there are about 180 species of bird on Westmount Summit.[1]

There are also many species of wild plant and flowers located in the summit woods.[2]

The summit woods are bordered on all sides by Summit Circle, a notable residential portion of Westmount.


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