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For the Further and Higher Education college in the United Kingdom, see Weston College.
Weston Collegiate Institute
100 Pine Street
Weston, Ontario, M9N 2Y9
Coordinates 43°42′14″N 79°30′34″W / 43.703847°N 79.509316°W / 43.703847; -79.509316Coordinates: 43°42′14″N 79°30′34″W / 43.703847°N 79.509316°W / 43.703847; -79.509316
School type High school
Motto Manu Cordeque ("With Hand and With Heart")
Founded 1857
School board Toronto District School Board
Principal Mr. Ian Botnick
Grades 9-12
Language English
Colour(s) White and Blue         
Mascot The Blue and White Ironman
Team name Weston Ironmen
Last updated: March 7, 2008

Weston Collegiate Institute is a Grade 9 to 12 public high school located in the York South-Weston area of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.[1] It is the second oldest high school in Toronto, after Jarvis Collegiate Institute. Weston CI is located on 100 Pine Street and has a student population of about 850.[2]

About Weston Collegiate Institute[edit]

Weston Collegiate Institute holds the distinction of being the second-oldest secondary school in Toronto and was established in 1857.[3] The school has the Weston's Alumni Foundation which supports school activities and scholarships.

Weston Collegiate Institute (WCI) displays an international focus as the student body representing over 80 countries in the world. The diversity within WCI is reflected in its school activities and clubs.[4] The school also strives to meet the needs of all students, with programs that prepare students for universities, colleges, and skills trade that lead to work or apprenticeship.[4] The school's facilities include a library, a large indoor pool, a full-sized field with surrounding track, a double gymnasium and a fitness/weight room.[5]

International Baccalaureate program[edit]

The International Baccalaureate Program (also known as the IB Program) is a holistic, world-renowned Graduate Diploma recognized by universities internationally.[6] It was introduced by then IB Coordinator, Mr. Gary Hophan, in March 1994 to Weston.[7] The present coordinator is Ms. Anne Dale. All the teachers are specially selected and trained to support the International Baccalaureate program.

The process of applying involves a personal essay about a quote of some sort and successful essays' applicants will then be called in for an interview. Judged on both assessments (and a completed application package which involves report cards, etc.) the applicant will be given or rejected a spot in the program. The interview typically lasts 20-30 minutes and admission is given on the spot. Admission is usually highly selective and only 90 spots are available per year.

The IB Program at Weston Collegiate Institute is taught in English and taken in the latter two years of high school (i.e. Grades 11 and 12).[6] However, due to its rigorous nature, Weston Collegiate Institute offers the Preparatory International Baccalaureate Program (also known as the Pre-IB Program) to students.[6] The Pre-IB Program is largely recommended to students, but entry into the IB program without Pre-IB may be accepted. All IB courses are offered at the enriched level, which greatly exceeds the expectations of the Ontario Secondary School curriculum. By Grade 12, all students study at the university-level, leading some universities to offer advanced standing for Higher Level subjects.[6]

Students who are enrolled in the IB program receive both the International Baccalaureate Diploma and the Ontario Secondary School Diploma upon successful completion. Students are expected to study 3 subjects at the Higher Level (HL) and 3 at the Standard Level (SL). Students may also opt to complete 4 HL and 2 SL subjects if they wish although it is not recommended due to the potential for the exorbitant workload Successful completion of the IB program entails receiving passing grades on all written IB examinations, the Theory of Knowledge essay, and the Extended Essay, as well as 150 hours of volunteered community involvement in three areas (i.e. creativity, action, service; also known as CAS hours).[6] In their final year, students write the official IB exams in May.[7]

All IB students from Weston Collegiate Institute are accepted to their first choice universities and are offered substantial scholarships.[6] In fact, the IB Department at Weston Collegiate Institute provides a number of IB Scholarships for outstanding IB students. Recipients are nominated by IB teachers, administrators, or students and selected by a committee of 5 members (i.e. IB Coordinator, 3 teachers, IB Parent Council parent representatives).[8] The IB Scholarships are broken into the following categories: IB Ideal, Leadership, Most Improved, Creativity, Service, Academic.[8]

Each year, the Grade 12 students, with the help of the IB Coordinator, organize a 3-day trip to Algonquin Park which includes the newly arrived Grade 9's. The purpose of this trip is to help the new students transition to high school and to foster a sense of community. Weston also offers IB tutoring by advanced students to support new students academically. Furthermore, the IB Department, which includes the students, teachers, and coordinator, organizes an annual IB Multicultural Evening and Fundraiser to raise money to support the IB Scholarships and the Annual Algonquin Park trip. Many Weston Collegiate Institute IB Alumni and their friends and family are invited to this event.

Current IB subjects offered[edit]

In order to graduate as a diploma student, an IB candidate must take one (or two) science course(s), one math course, and one higher-level English course, Theory of Knowledge, as well as one secondary language (only French is offered at Weston).



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