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Westone MW-20 label.jpg
Westone Spectrum
Westone Prestige


Westone is a brand of guitars and basses started in the mid-1970s.[1]

The firm St. Louis Music acquired an interest in the company in 1981 and began importing the brand to the United States as a replacement for the previous Custom Kraft-brand instruments manufactured by Kay and Valco in the mid-1950s. Electra was also a brand of St. Louis Music. In 1984, they merged the brands to make the Electra-Westone brand. From 1985 onwards, the guitars were branded as Westone. The majority of the Westone guitars of the 1980s were made by the Matsumoku factory in Japan and imported by St. Louis Music. After about 1988 production moved to Korea, most of the innovative models disappeared, and the brand name was replaced by Alvarez in 1991.

Though initially popularized as inexpensive, entry-level guitars particularly useful for students, the transition into Asian manufacturing in the 80s represented a fundamental change in production. Designers then emphasized features such as custom pickups and electronics. Upon the end of production, many Westone guitars and basses have become collectors items.


Notable musicians who have used Westone models includes

Product lineup[edit]

Guitar line names:

  • Paduak
  • Genesis
  • Concord
  • Spectrum
  • Dynasty
  • Dimension
  • Pantera
  • Phoenix
  • Corsair
  • Challenger
  • Villain
  • Dana
  • Thunder
  • Prestige
  • Rainbow
  • Raider


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