Westport Confederate order of battle

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The following Confederate Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Westport of the American Civil War. The Union order of battle is listed separately.

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]


  • w = wounded

Army of Missouri[edit]

MG Sterling Price

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Fagan's Division
     MG James F. Fagan

Cabell's Brigade

   BG William L. Cabell

Dobbin's Brigade

   Col Archibald S. Dobbins

Slemons' Brigade

   Col William F. Slemons

McCray's Brigade

   Col Thomas H. McCray



Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Marmaduke's Division
     BG John S. Marmaduke

  • 5th Missouri Cavalry, Company D: Cpt D. R. Stallard
Marmaduke's Brigade

   BG John Bullock Clark, Jr.

  • 3rd Missouri Cavalry: Col Colton Greene
  • 4th Missouri Cavalry: Col John Q. Burbridge
  • 7th Missouri Cavalry: Col Solomon G. Kitchen
  • 8th Missouri Cavalry: Col William L. Jeffers
  • 10th Missouri Cavalry: Col Robert R. Lawther
  • 14th Missouri Cavalry Battalion: Ltc J. F. Davies
  • Hogan's Engineer Company: Cpt James T. Hogan

   Maj Joseph H. Pratt

  • Harris' Missouri Battery (1 gun): Lt T. J. Williams
  • Hynson's Texas Battery (4 guns): Cpt Henry C. Hynson
Freeman's Brigade

   Col Thomas R. Freeman

  • Ford's Arkansas Cavalry Battalion: Ltc Barney Ford
  • Freeman's Missouri Cavalry: Ltc Joseph R. Love
  • Fristoe's Missouri Cavalry: Col Edward T. Fristoe
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Shelby's Division
     BG Joseph O. Shelby

Shelby's Iron Brigade

   BG M. Jeff Thompson

  • 5th Missouri Cavalry: Col Frank B. Gordon
  • 11th Missouri Cavalry: Col Moses W. Smith
  • 12th Missouri Cavalry: Ltc William H. Erwin
  • Crisp's Cavalry Battalion: Ltc John T. Crisp
  • Elliott's Missouri Cavalry: Col Benjamin F. Elliott
  • Johnson's Cavalry Battalion: Maj Rector Johnson
  • Slayback's Missouri Cavalry Battalion: Ltc Alonzo Slayback
  • Collin's Missouri Battery (2 guns): Cpt Richard A. Collins
Jackman's Brigade

   Col Sidney D. Jackman

  • Hunter's Missouri Cavalry: Col DeWitt C. Hunter
  • Jackman's Missouri Cavalry: Ltc C. H. Nichols
  • Schnable's Missouri Cavalry Battalion: Ltc John A. Schnable
  • Williams' Missouri Cavalry Battalion: Ltc D. A. Williams
  • Collins' Missouri Battery (2 guns): Lt Jacob D. Connor
Tyler's Brigade

   Col Charles H. Tyler

  • Coffee's Missouri Cavalry: Col J. T. Coffee
  • Perkin's Missouri Cavalry: Col Caleb Perkins
  • Searcey's Missouri Cavalry: Col James T. Searcey
  • Unorganized recruits


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