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The following Union Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Westport of the American Civil War. The Confederate order of battle is listed separately.

Command disputes[edit]

By order of MG Blunt (General Field Orders No. 2) the militia regiments of William H. M. Fishbeck, Brigadier General of Militia, were placed under the command of Charles W. Blair, Colonel of Volunteers; Fishbeck was infuriated that his command had been subordinated to a volunteer officer. Because Kansas law stated that militia should be kept under the command of militia officers, Fishbeck disregarded Blunt's order. Blunt had Fishbeck arrested and held until released by order of MG Curtis. Upon his release, Fishbeck resumed command of the Kansas Militia regiments, with orders to obey directives that came from MG Blunt. This rather cumbersome arrangement had BG Fishbeck in direct command of the militia units attached to the 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, and Col Charles Blair in overall command of the brigade. Howard N. Monnett describes the arrangement as a "brigade within a brigade". Blair and Fishbeck led the militia into action at Westport (accompanied onto the field by MG George W. Dietzler), and then in the subsequent pursuit of Price until MG Curtis ordered the militia to return home.[1]

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]


Army of the Border[edit]

MG Samuel R. Curtis

Division Brigade Regiments and others

Provisional Cavalry Division
     MG James G. Blunt

1st Brigade

   Col Charles R. Jennison

2nd Brigade

   Col Thomas Moonlight

3rd Brigade

   Col Charles W. Blair

4th Brigade

   Col James Hobart Ford

Kansas State Militia Division[2][3][4]
     MG George W. Deitzler, Kansas State Adjutant General

Brigade field commanders

   BG Melvin S. Grant[5]
   BG William H. M. Fishback[6]

(not brigaded)


Unattached unit

Department of the Missouri[edit]

MG William S. Rosecrans

Division Brigade Regiments and others

Provisional Cavalry Division
     MG Alfred Pleasonton

1st Brigade

   BG Egbert B. Brown (arrested Oct. 23)
   Col John F. Philips

  • 1st Iowa Cavalry (detachment): Maj John McDermott
  • 1st Missouri Militia Cavalry: Col James McFerran (arrested Oct. 23), Ltc Bazel Lazear
  • 4th Missouri Militia Cavalry: Maj George W. Kelly
  • 7th Missouri Militia Cavalry: Col John F. Philips, Ltc Thomas Theodore Crittenden
2nd Brigade

   BG John McNeil

  • 17th Illinois Cavalry: Col John Lourie Beveridge
  • 7th Kansas Cavalry: Maj Francis Malone
  • 2nd Missouri Cavalry (detachment): Cpt George M. Houston
  • 13th Missouri Cavalry: Col Edwin C. Catherwood
  • 3rd Missouri Militia Cavalry (detachment): Ltc Henry M. Matthews
  • 5th Missouri Militia Cavalry: Ltc Joseph Eppstein
  • 9th Missouri Militia Cavalry (detachment): Ltc Daniel M. Draper
3rd Brigade

   BG John B. Sanborn

  • 2nd Arkansas Cavalry: Col John E. Phelps
  • 6th Enrolled Missouri Militia Cavalry (detachment): Ltc John F. McMahan
  • 7th Enrolled Missouri Militia Cavalry (detachment): Maj W. B. Mitchell
  • 6th Missouri Militia Cavalry (detachment): Maj William Plumb
  • 8th Missouri Militia Cavalry: Col Joseph J. Gravely
4th Brigade

   Col Edward F. Winslow (w Oct. 23)
   Ltc Frederick W. Benteen


   Col Nelson Cole

  • Company H, 2nd Missouri Light Artillery (4 guns): Cpt William C. F. Montgomery [2 guns commanded by Lt Philip Smiley]
  • Company L, 2nd Missouri Light Artillery (4 guns): Cpt Charles H. Thurber
  • Battery (2 guns) of 5th Missouri Militia Cavalry: Lt Adam Hillerich
  • 2nd New Jersey Cavalry (detachment): Cpt Michael Gallagher
  • 19th Pennsylvania Cavalry (1 company)

XVI Corps[edit]

(detachment of First and Third Divisions; in pursuit, not present at the battle)
MG Andrew Jackson Smith

Division Brigade Regiments and others

First Division
     Col Joseph J. Woods

2nd Brigade

Col Lucius Frederick Hubbard   

  • 47th Illinois
  • 12th Iowa
  • 5th Minnesota
  • 7th Minnesota
  • 9th Minnesota
  • 10th Minnesota
  • 8th Wisconsin
  • Battery G, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery
3rd Brigade

Col Sylvester G. Hill   

Third Division
     Col David Moore

1st Brigade

Col T. J. Kinney   

2nd Brigade

Col James Isham Gilbert   

3rd Brigade

Col Edward H. Wolfe   


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