West Side, Binghamton

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West Side
City of Binghamton neighborhood
Looking east along Main Street on its course through the West Side, May 2007
Looking east along Main Street on its course through the West Side, May 2007
Country United States of America
State New York
County Broome County
City Binghamton
 • City Council Members Martin J. Gerchman (D) 2nd District, Teri Rennia (D) 3rd District
 • County Council Members Timothy P. Cleary (D) 2nd District, Joseph S. Sanfilippo (D) 4th District
United States ZIP Code 13905
Area code(s) 607
Website http://www.cityofbinghamton.com

The West Side, as the name implies, is a neighborhood in the western section of the New York State city of Binghamton. It is primarily an urban residential neighborhood with retail along Main Street and pockets of industrial buildings along the train tracks.

The West Side, can be defined as encompassing the area north of the Susquehanna River, east of the neighboring village of Johnson City along Margaret Street and Floral Avenue, west of the Chenango River and south of the Norfolk Southern tracks.

The area's "main drag" is Main Street which carries NY-17C. It runs from the foot of the Court Street Bridge west and into Johnson City. It is lined with retail, consisting of several large supermarkets, churches, pharmacies, bank branches, a few bars and restaurants as well as a few mom and pop shops. Other important streets in the neighborhood are Riverside Drive, Front Street which carries US-11, Leroy Street, Grand Boulevard and Floral Avenue.

The West Side is home to Lourdes Memorial Hospital, Recreation Park, and Binghamton High School.

The American Civic Association, on Front Street, was the site of the Binghamton shootings in 2009, where 13 people were killed by a shooter before he committed suicide.

Apart from commercial Main Street and some industrial buildings one block north of it along the Norfolk Southern tracks, the Westside of Binghamton is primarily an urban residential neighborhood. The housing stock ranges from small to large, detached, single and double-family houses to attached row-houses and larger apartment buildings. Generally, the area south of Main Street towards Riverside Drive and the Susquehanna River is inhabited mainly by people of lower middle to upper-class. The area north of Main Street is inhabited by people of a lower income. Many college students also live in the area south of Main Street near/around Recreation Park.

Notable West Side residents include:

Rod Serling, film maker, creator of The Twilight Zone

Richard Deacon, actor

Jeff Lake, Regional President of NBT Bank

Quincy Sands, Professor of Medieval and Early Modern Studies at Binghamton University

Darlanne Fluegel, actress